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Pretty cool episode, though the Inception-esque dream within a dream idea got a little repetitive but any epsiode involving Luna is bound to be trippy like that. Such a troll.

Who remembers that scene from the Matrix?

Special Talent by Faunafay


Season 5 has been off to a good start. Particularly liked this episode, not too sure why. 

watching this little guy get angry is just great. look at him.
Seriously, these are wonderful. I command thee to watch all of them.

You know, the longer I look at our Christmas tree, the more weirded out I get by it. 

I mean, think about it, there's a dead tree in the corner of the room.

A dead tree.

What the shit? How did this ever become a thing?

er, anyways what I'm trying to say is:

Favourite moment of this video. Hands down. AnimatedJames must be a permanent addition to this series, or there'll be hell to pay.

requesting full version kthnxbai
So I finally got around to watching Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, and yeah, not bad at all.

Songs were fun and catchy, though disappointingly lacking in the rock qualities- but I imagine they're delving deep into my subconscious right now, so that in 4 days time I'll be humming them through my lectures. 

While some parts were a bit of a chore to watch (kids film and all), I gotta say I loved seeing Pinkie rockin' the theremin, Maud 'feeding' boulder and Derpy being held back by her bandmates so that she didn't tear Bulk Biceps limb from limb.

Plus Octavia finds a voice (though, admittedly wasn't a fan of her VA but who cares, SHE SPEAKS!)

...and this frame:

"sh*t flutters, I'm so baked right now."

Also, genuine question, what was that final final scene about with Twilight and Spike? Was it a reference to something? Did that scene just happen at a different time? Was it hinting that another version of them exist already in that universe?
pls i m confus

Reminiscing (sort of)

Wed Nov 12, 2014, 6:15 AM

So I installed HoofSounds on Chrome today and have been cracking out some horse tunes - it has been way too long since I properly listened to brony produced music! There's something quite oddly nostalgic about all the old ones.

So uh yeah. hoers moozik. Got any favourites?

Graphics and CSS by Metterschlingel | Want your own?…
Do you like colourful horses?
Do you like colourful horse fan art?
Do you like Drum & Bass music?
Do you like music?

If the answer to the above is yes then you have absolutely no excuse not to visit and subscribe to Equicity over on the YouTubes - the home of brony DnB music.

I just so happened to have made the logo for them. hue hue

Well my previous Journal entry is now moot because this wonderful person by the name of I-DV8 has gifted me premium membership. I am a dummy! 

>mfw opening deviantart page and seeing a star next to my username

So yeah, thanks so much again I-DV8. Much love~

I will make something for you in return bro, no idea what, but something, sometime...

Man, there's still so much I don't know about this website
Vector manipulation just takes me forever. How the hell do you vector artists have the patience to work with these things? Its tiring enough to edit one let alone create one from scratch. Kudos to you magic vector wizards. 

Also, skin-colour coated ponies. Yay or ney?
Oh my.

A perfect end to a great season. While no episode can be truly perfect, I doubt there's anything I would have liked to have seen changed to this two-parter. The story didn't feel to rushed, and everything flowed rather well.

Was not expecting a Royal three-part harmony song, that was pretty awesome - though admittedly I rolled my eyes when the song started up - yet as with pretty much every song from this show's soundtrack, it will grow on me eventually like some sort of cute diabetes-ridden neuro-virus.

That battle scene though, oh my god.

This is meant to be a cartoon designed to convince girls to want plastic horse toys. Where on Earth did that level of epicness come from? I mean- holy f*ck, damn.

Also, I apologise for being so inactive in terms of producing stuff. It's down to a mix of commitment to summer exam revision and lack of creative drive. I know i'm not a frequent uploader, but I'd love to get to makings stuff again soon.
Not bad. It was like watching the workings of Craigslist played out with miniature pastel horses, while AJ and Rarity argue for roughly 20 minutes. For anyone watching longer than we were, that argument must have been pretty tedious. Almost came down to "I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I?" level.

Oh and dat AJ face. You know the one.

Also, Pinkie can really rock a moustache. Would not complain if that were a permanent addition. Hell, it would't make her any stranger as she is...

I'm pretty sure this is breaking and entering, even if it was with good intent. Sort of. Besides, no-one else paid after these two showed up!
"Unconsented work is not illegal."

It's rather important, you see.

All that's missing is a Brazzers logo. TV-Y. TV-Y.
a.k.a. Episode 21 - Kinaesthetic Learning is Magic.

Gotta say, Rainbow's ability to be an information sponge during her flights is quite fascinating and certainly brings her into a new light. It was kind of reminiscent of Rainman; scarily accurate perception alongside incredibly fast information uptake.
"Eighty two eighty two eighty two."
"Eighty two what, Rainbow?"

I don't care what anyone says, I'd happily sit through an Adorkable Sparkle lecture any day of the week. That's just how I roll learn.

This episode was brilliant in oh so many ways, and is quite possibly my favourite this season. It was great to see so much character interaction between the mane 6, and also great to see them share a good amount of screen time equally. Let's not forget all the awesome unique animation techniques that were explored in this episode. I think this is one of the main reasons why the show continues to be so captivating. If the show kept to its style and delivery from Season 1, I doubt I'd still be watching now. Yet, the creators are always pushing the boundaries in its production, always finding new ways for the show to take form. It's great, seriously, hat's off to them.

/srs business

Whoa Whoa WUT.
Pretty much my reaction during the few minutes I watched of that dreaded Dusk's Dawn thing.

In West Fillydelphia, born n' raised. In the playgou-  NO.
This segment was brilliant beyond words. So 90s, completely nailed it. Loved the Run-DMC style back-up calls.

Pfft, what?! I'm still laughing just remembering how this sounded.
a.k.a Epsiode 420 - 'Drink Tonic Erry Day'

It's never mentioned explicitly, but I thought the episode was great for subtly introducing kids to the placebo effect, and the consequences it can have. That or the horrendous safety risks of high-diving.

This episode was yet more evidence of AJ being the central pillar of common-sense, and just being generally awesome. I mean, seriously, how does a hooved animal ascend a 6-storey tower in mere seconds, how does it even climb a ladder?!
Freaky Earth-pony magic, man....

'twas cool to see the return of Flim and Flam, its a shame their musical number felt like a Super-Speedy-Cider-Squeezy 6000 knock off though...
...but hey, ripping people off is their speciality I guess...

Also, I agree with Seth, the filly model does look really weird in the bipedal standing position. It's like a possessed doll or something...

It was a good episode I guess, needed more weed references and shit.

but Lyra gives denouttaden
Quite a fun episode, got a few laughs. Maud is just the best. As it was with Crankie Doodle, its good to see more dead-pan characters in the show, especially when put in contrast against Pinkie-level antics.
dat poetry though. cry evry tiem.

I mean, she can throw rocks that impact with the force of a nuclear detonation. Who can argue with THAT?

Oh, and this frame happened:

I'm no expert in animation, but I swear that some of these 'in-between' frames which 'smooth out motion' is just animator-code for 'frames in which we abuse Flash and make the ponies look as retarded as possible'.
AJ's character seemed a little off, this time around. Most of the time she seems to be the most down-to-earth, and provides a straight bearing for others when shit hits the fan. So her fretting over Applebloom, almost to the point of insanity, seemed kinda odd. But hey, everyone from the Mane 6 needs a psychological breakdown, right?

But anyway,.... um, this:

AJ love has reached stratospheric levels. I repeat. STRATOSPHERIC.
It was all right I guess. In the meantime, have some Sexy Breezy Sax

P.S. direct Doctor Who reference lolwut
My love for AJ has just doubled tripled exponentially increased.

Take a bow, DHX